Speakers Bureau

Jerry Baker, C.P.M. - Jbaker206@attbi.com
(206) 297-9290
Topics: Procurement Basics; Basics/Value Added Purchasing

Lee Buddress, Ph.D., C.P.M. Leeb@sba.pdx.edu
(502) 725-4769
Topics: Cost-effective MRO Management

Burt Clayman, C.P.M. - clayman@acadiacom.net
Topics: C.P.M. & A.P.P. Exam Reviews

Cattan Services - cattan@cattan.com
Topics: Strategic Sourcing; Fundamentals of Purchasing; Negotiation Skills; Contract Writing Workshop

Marilyn Gettinger, C.P.M. -mgettinger@aol.com
Topics: Supply Management; Purchasing Measurement Process; Managing Materials

Dr. Kenneth Killen
Killen Enterprises
18887 E. Shoreland, Rocky River, OH 44116
Topics: 33 Ways to Drastically Reduce Purchasing & Materials Management Costs

Lee Krotseng
International Purchasing Service
P.O. Box 87006, Canton, MI 48187
Topics: Fundamentals of Purchasing on the Internet; Basics for Buyers

Preston Leavitt - the-tie-man@juno.com
(303) 973-2625
Topics: Making Better Decisions; Conflict Resolution; Leadership; Crisis Management

Sandra Schmitzer - sandra48@aol.com
C.P.M. & A.P.P. Exam Reviews

Don Woods - dlw@anv.net
(702) 254-6606
Topics: Legal Concepts for Purchasing Practitioners

Bernadette "Bernie" Young - ulteam@aol.com
(888) 876-9824
Topics: Professional & Self Development; Leadership & Management; Team & Work Groups


Successful Workshops utilized by other affiliates
  • Fundamentals of Purchasing
  • Understanding the Legal Aspects of Purchasing & Supply
  • Negotiation Skills
  • C.P.M./A.P.P. Exam Reviews
  • Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Economic Panel - local/regional media reps. (columnists/radio news specialists/etc., employment security rep.), moderated by an affiliate member who is well versed in economic issues and forecasting. The group reviews prior year's economic activity and shares their view on what's ahead. This program is always a big draw for our affiliate.


Tools Vital to your position:
  • Association Management Forum; Newsline; Inside Supply Management; ISM International Conference; Regional Summer Leadership Workshops.

  • Email - it eliminates the need for phone interruptions when issues are not especially urgent.


Incentives for your volunteers:
  • Free admission for hosting workshops
  • President-elect has free trip to the ISM International Conference
  • Board and Committee Chairs can attend the Regional Training Workshop
  • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - annually in May or June
  • Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Award (1) C.P.M. point to board and committee chairs


Tips on dealing with lazy or difficult board members:
  • A telephone reminder about the bylaws requirements for meeting attendance sometimes is effective (for elected volunteers). If someone does not volunteer to participate, they can be assigned a task. However, if someone continues to remain uninvolved, most can be removed by a vote of the board.

  • Committee chairs can be more difficult to remove as they are not elected positions. If things are falling apart, however, they should first be given opportunity to resign gracefully.

  • In some affiliates the most "difficult" board members have been presidents - insisting on their own agenda for the year, not considering history as a learning point, not taking time to understand how staff supports the organization, etc. Tactfully developing cooperation and/or support through other board members may help keep things on track through that year's term of office.

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