1. Membership in the AMF is extended to paid and volunteer members involved with the management of their affiliate. These members would be required to be a regular ISM member.

  2. Membership is not available to any person engaged in solicitation of orders, or who is in charge of, or primarily responsible for sales, even though such person may be otherwise eligible for membership.

  3. General membership is open to all ISM members satisfying the requirements of Section 1 of this ARTICLE.

  4. All members are considered active and are expected to accept responsibility for opportunities to further the objectives of the AMF which may be offered from time to time.


Objectives - as stated in the Rules of Management of The Association Management Forum of the Institute for Supply Management - updated November 2002:

  1. To provide, through one body, for members of ISM having responsibility and/or interest for the supply management of coordinating and directing administrative functions, the opportunity to discuss and exchange information and knowledge on a cooperative basis.

  2. To study, evaluate, and impart knowledge supply management knowledge or problems and administrative responsibilities peculiar to the secretaries, executive secretaries and executive directors.

  3. To promote local and national programs which will aid in the education and development of the AMF members.

  4. To assist in the preparation of reports, studies, or statistics of general interest and value to all ISM members.

  5. To work in conjunction with the ISM continuing Education Program to encourage and assist in the professional development of its members.

  6. To strive by all legitimate means to advance the supply management field in its specific business activities.

  7. To foster and promote ethical and professional practices.

  8. To engage in any other activity which may be authorized either by ISM policies or the ISM Bylaws which is consistent with and in direct furtherance of the foregoing objectives of the AMF.

  9. To comply at all times with all existing laws, including antitrust laws, in accordance with the ISM Policy Guide for Antitrust Compliance.


Policies - as stated in the Rules of Management of The Association Management Forum of the Institute for Supply Management - updated November 2002:

  1. No AMF member shall enter into or attempt to enter into any understanding, agreement, plan or arrangement, written or oral, formal or informal, express or implied, with any competitor in regard to prices, division of markets or customers, terms and conditions of sale, bids (requests for bids or refusal to bid), production or distribution of products or other competitive practices.

  2. No substantial part of the activities of the AMF shall consist of attempting to influence legislation in any form, at any level of government, nor shall the AMF, directly or indirectly, participate in or interview in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate or public office.

  3. To assist at all times, ISM, the regions and affiliate local association to reach their goals and objectives for the benefit of the total membership and the Supply Management Profession.

  4. To not serve as an evaluation panel for products or services, endorse product or service, or rate performance of suppliers.

  5. To work with the local associations in a manner which is consistent with these objectives and policies of these rules of management.

  6. To maintain a broad-based membership which will be representative of the contemporary scope and scale of the association management.

  7. To discourage the acceptance or solicitation of entertainment, loans, gifts or special consideration by any supplier. Friendship and close relations are necessary between buyer and seller, but this should be a two-way proposition, in which a buyer has a very definite responsibility. ISM Standards of Conduct will be observed at all times.

  8. In the event of the dissolution of the AMF its assets will be controlled directly by ISM.

  9. To remain consistent with current policies and procedures of ISM.


Mission / Purpose


The ISM Association Management Forum (AMF) was created to provide a peer network for those who are regular members and employed by an affiliate for the purpose of managing ISM affiliates and chapters. In addition to supplying a forum for association executives, AMF provides funds for regional workshops and leadership training conference sessions through the AMF Grant Program. The Association Management Forum Grant was established in 2000 to take the place of the former AMF speaker program that provided the ISM districts with speakers and seminars for their leadership training.

The AMF seeks to expand the knowledge and skills of affiliate managers through the support and training of affiliate managers, AMF members seek to augment and develop leadership within the various affiliates. AMF also pursues new methods and technology in providing services for their respective affiliate members.



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